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~  Anne Fitzgerald​  ~

Anne Fitzgerald is an internationally known artist and has written and illustrated over 200 children's books. She is creator of the 'Dear God Kids' and many other children's books and has designed over a thousand products in seventeen languages.


She has also designed the Stations of the Cross for churches in Wales, Ireland, England and the United States. Anne's paintings and prints demonstrate her diversity featuring Irish landscapes, characters, angels, seascapes, and portraits. 


When Anne is not traveling abroad or making appearances at conferences, events, or conventions, she is in her favorite place: at home in Limerick. It is from her Studio/Gallery in Mungret College that most of her work is created.

~ A Note From Anne ~

Over the years I have  been blessed to be able to express what's in my heart  through my work as an   artist, writer, and speaker.  This has brought me great pleasure. I love it and I hope I can share it with you.


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